General Information

World Heritage City of Kyoto
Access from Abroad

Fly to the Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the best

Access from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kyoto
JR (Japan Railroad) Limited Express Train "Haruka"
3,490 Yen for reserved seat or 2,980 Yen for non-reserved (seat?)
About 75 minutes from Kansai Airport Station to Kyoto station
Departures every 30 minutes
JR Kansai Airport Station is on the 2nd floor of the Airport Terminal

Airport Limousine Bus
2,300 Yen to Kyoto station
About 105 - 120 min. depending on road jamming condition
Departures every 30 - 60 min.
Bus Terminal - No. 8

Shared Taxi "Sky Gate Shuttle" by MK Taxi Co.
3,500 Yen to Kyoto City (Airport terminal to your hotel)
No charge for 1 suitcase and carry-on luggage
(Additional 1,000 Yen if you have more than one large item)
Max 9 passengers per shuttle, drop off by route sequence
Reservation at least 2 days before is needed, either online or by phone
Tel. +81-75-702-5489, open 8 AM to 9 PM in JST
If you fly to Narita International Airport (NRT)
Take JR Narita Express train (NEX) to Tokyo station
3,140 Yen and about 60 min. Then,
Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen train "Nozomi" from Tokyo to Kyoto station
13,720 Yen for reserved seat and about 140 min.

Access to the KRP from your hotel

(a)From Kyoto Tokyu Hotel

15 min. walk or bus (2 stops) or taxi for 2 min.

(b)From the hotels near Kyoto station
Take JR Sagano (San-in) line local train (which stops every station) from Kyoto station to Tambaguchi station (first stop from Kyoto station, 4 min., 140 Yen) and walk 5 min.
 Note: Express or Rapid train does not stop at Tambaguchi station
Take taxi for 10 min. from your hotel

Inside Map of Kyoto Station

JR Sagano Line is track 32 and 33, Express Haruka to Kansai Airport is track 30.

JR Sagano line time table at Kyoto station

Get off at Tambaguchi station (first stop from Kyoto station).
Route map to the KRP is on the high wall of stairway as follows.
Exit the station and turn to the left, the KRP is about a 5 minute walk.

Kansai Thru Pass

If you prefer cheaper way to get to and travel around Kyoto, you can use KANSAI THRU PASS, which covers subways and railroads (except JR lines) in Kansai area, including Osaka, Hyogo, Nara Prefectures.

For details, see below:
Location of the KRP

Site map of the KRP

  • Please visit Bldg4 -where convenience store (Seven-Eleven) is located - first when you come to KRP. Registration desk will be located at the B1 floor of the Bldg4. (Bldg4 is shown in the below picture)

  • Meeting Rooms of KRP

    Facilities of KRP
  • Every meeting room has a PC projector
  • Wireless LAN and Wired LAN will be provided in and around meeting areas (100Mbit/sec Internet link)
  • Every room has an internal telephone
  • Restaurants, stores, and food stands near the KRP

    Restaurant PATIO in the KRP Bldg 1

    Restaurants and food shops near the KRP

    Lunch Box Stand-1: 300 Yen, Lunch Box Shop-2: 380 Yen

    Sushi Bar (Rotation Style), Starbucks Drive-thru & Japanese Restaurant

    Convenience store (Seven-Eleven)
    Located in the KRP bldg4. The store sells sandwiches, lunch boxes, mineral water, tea, juice, beer, liquor, stationary goods, umbrellas, cigarettes, etc
    Local Time is UTC/GMT + 9:00
    Climate and Weather
    Average temperature: 14.9C (58.8 F). Record high 33.5C (92.3 F); record low: -4 C (24.8 F). Rainfall: 545.4mm. Kyoto, nestled amid rolling mountains, has a relatively mild climate.
    Winter: Winters can be cold, so dress appropriately. Wear an overcoat or jacket outside.

    Currency, Credit card and Bank
    Local currency is the Yen (JPY). Coins are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 yen and bank notes in denominations of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 yen.

    You can buy yen at foreign exchange banks and other authorized money exchangers. At the international airports, currency exchange counters are usually open during normal office hours. Banking hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM - 3:00PM. Banks and post office are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
    MasterCard and Visa are the credit cards most widely accepted followed by American Express. Foreign credit, debit and cash cards can be used at Post Office and Seven Bank ATMs throughout Japan. Post offices where this service is available display stickers indicating which cards are accepted. Cards from the Cirrus, Plus, Maestro and Visa Electron networks can be used. Accepted credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.
    Tipping is not generally expected in Japan. When applicable, tips are included in the bill as a service charge.
    Electricity and Power Plug
    Electricity in Kyoto is 100 volts 60 hertz
    Power plug with 2 flat parallel pins, or blades, is used in Japan
    Note: USA type 3-pin plug can not be used since most of Japanese outlet sockets do not have a hole for ground pin.
    Telephone Plug and Jack
    RJ11 modular plug & jack are commonly used in Japan
    There may be connection problem if hotel PBX has different wiring connection to hotel unique telephone set.
    Mobile Phone
    Neither GSM nor WiMAX type mobile phone can be used in Japan.
    Ask your mobile phone company if your mobile phone can be used in Japan.

    Rental mobile phones are available at Kansai Airport. For details, see the link below:
    Sightseeing tours
    You can make reservations of day time and/or evening time tour courses with English speaking tour guide at the JTB travel desk in the KRP on 18 and 19 January.
    See menu at the "Guided Tours" and "From KYOTO" in
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